About - Nick Riley Photography

It's important to know who your photographer is and what drives them during your engagement sessions and wedding day.

I didn't get my start the "usual" way. I didn't grow up knowing I would someday capture special moments for beautiful couples around the world. No, photography landed in my lap by way of a trip to the Grand Canyon - which never happened.

I was very fortunate as a kid, my parents took me all over the western United States during my childhood. One of my favorite memories was a camping trip through many national parks,  including the Grand Canyon. Fast forward to my 20's - my girlfriend at the time (now wife) had never visited the Grand Canyon. Knowing how stunning the views are and wanting to capture images better quality images, I bought my first DSLR.  For whatever reason the trip fell through and I was stuck with this fairly expensive new camera. Instead of letting it go to waste, a couple friends of mine had just got engaged.